Hear Me Out Episode 7 – We Got This (feat. Silvija Ozols)

Keep your finger over the “breakdown” button, a new episode is up!

In maybe our most spiritual episode yet, we have the delightful Silvija Ozols (UCB’s Stepfathers, Stone Cold Fox) helping us deal with bad songs about gender, the homeless and spiritual awakenings. Wait, what? The Mumford family, Chaka Khan, Whitney and Popeye all help us THINK ABOUT IT.

Alden’s Pick- Steve Winwood- Higher Love
Winston’s Pick- Arrested Development- Mr. Wendel
Silvija’s Pick- John Mayer- Your Body Is A Wonderland

Download it!


One thought on “Hear Me Out Episode 7 – We Got This (feat. Silvija Ozols)

  1. Hey guys. I knew that a John Mayer song would show up sooner or later. I didn’t download it til yesterday cos I was so put off! No more Mayer for 6 months!
    It was a great episode, very deep. I got to reflect on my own selfishness re the homeless and how I date narcississtic Mayerlike douchebags over and over again, so thank u. I think. Nothing like guilt and self chastisement to make a Catholic Irish girl feel fully alive.
    Silvija said u’re both good guys, good guys
    usually end up with with wicked wenches. If
    that’s the case, here’s what I’ve learned. If it
    doesn’t feel right and 100% amazing from the
    get go then let go and get out. When u give
    people one more chance it’s another chance
    for them to get inside ur head and screw with u. I’m a bartender, I know more about human beings than most psychologists. Good luck finding a good woman!

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