Hear Me Out, Episode 11- Ten and Two (ft Morgan Jarrett)

Hey gang, we’re back with another episode! This one “feels like butter”.

7142_normalYou might want to listen to this one on your four wheeler, white horse, or faith/gasoline powered car.  We’ve got the terrific Morgan Jarrett (UCB) on the show as we listen to “party” music, New Found Glory covers, and songs that are a little too on the nose. And remember, dear listeners, we are the men who would fight your honor.

Winston’s pick-Lit-My Own Worst Enemy
Alden’s pick-Peter Cetera-The Glory of Love
Morgan’s pick-Carrie Underwood-Jesus Take The Wheel

Download it!


One thought on “Hear Me Out, Episode 11- Ten and Two (ft Morgan Jarrett)

  1. Stopping in to say that Miss Jarrett was such a good guest, you guys should consider making her a permanent addition. Just like W&A, she was sweet, funny, charming, humble, and completely un-guilty about her guilty pleasures. Big thumbs up this week! And Alden, I took slight offense when you called Lit “emo”. Lit is really just a post-grunge/pop-punk band with ska-boy hair and clothes (whom I saw share a stage with MxPx, if that’s a good frame of reference). If we hop in my Deloreon, we can go be 17 and listen to Jimmy Eat World and American Football CDs and feel sorry for ourselves… that’s emo man! Keep up the great work, bring Morgan back, and party on.

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