Hear Me Out, Episode 16 – Not Now, Michael (feat. Ashley Ward)

We’re back! And this time, with FEELINGS!

We plumb the depths in this episode. Fortunately, we have the fantastic Ashley Ward (Big Black Car, Baby Wants Candy) by our side to explore pledging Kappa Sig, scary subway rants, and the horrible monster known as the Frankensong. Plus, you’ll find out what role Michael McDonald would play in a menage a trois.

Winston’s pick: Better Than Ezra – Desperately Wanting
Alden’s pick: Immortal Technique – The Fourth Branch
Ashley’s pick: Kenny Loggins – This Is It

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Hear Me Out, Episode 15 – Desert Island Disc Golf (feat. Ryan Karels)

Fill up your Nalgenes and slip on your Tevas, because Episode 15 is here, lounging in the amphitheater with cargo pockets full of reefer and a Jansport packed with frolf putters.

305_normalThis week we chat with the hilarious Ryan Karels about Hollywood bands, anti-feminists, and riding an underground music wave right into a frat house. Alden confuses Los Angeles and Yosemite, Winston discusses the magic in his pants, and Ryan reveals three of his Desert Island Discs.

Alden’s pick: Phantom Planet – California
Winston’s pick: Ke$ha – Die Young
Ryan’s pick: Dave Matthews Band – Lie in Our Graves

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Hear Me Out, Episode 14 – Jets, Chicks, Coke, Peabo Bryson (feat. Lydia Hensler)

Get ready for the manliest, most adrenaline-feuled, coked out episode of Hear Me Out yet. No, wait, come back!

Lydia HenslerThis week we sit down with the wonderful Lydia Hensler to discuss 80s dude flicks, casual misogyny, the Irish’s way with words, and noted R&B crooner Peabo Bryson. Winston picks his manliest song of the show, Alden feels dirty for liking a song about no-good hooligans, and Lydia reveals the unsavory nickname she was given at a bygone waitressing job. Enjoy!

Alden’s pick: Thin Lizzy – The Boys are Back in Town
Winston’s pick: Cheap Trick – Mighty Wings
Lydia’s pick: Flo Rida & David Guetta – Where Them Girls At (feat. Nicki Minaj)

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Hear Me Out, Episode 13- CAN YOU FILM IT? (feat. John Flynn)

The episode is almost here! Can you feel it? Here it comes…can you feel it? CAN YOU FEEL IT?

1123_normalGuys, this is the weirdest and most DRAMATIC show we’ve had. Rules are broken, triumphs happen, and a woman holds onto a tree while the wind is blowing. DRAMATIC. We have the wonderful John Flynn (Oh Hey Guys, storyteller extraordinaire) with us to help navigate all the dance, soprano trills and golden track jackets. CAN YOU FEEL IT?

We’ve included the videos to each song this week, we highly encourage you to check them out.
Winston’s pick: Billy Joel – Allentown
Crazy Video 1
Alden’s pick: The Jacksons – Can You Feel It
Crazy Video 2
John’s pick: Sarah Brightman and Chris Thompson – How Can Heaven Love Me
Crazy Video 3

Hear Me Out, Episode 12 – Blowfish, Singular (feat. Mike Scollins)

This week’s episode is like red, but not quite.

84f9e3a53db5aca724d91135e14bc06aLively debate abounds as we talk with the creator of Phil Phriday himself, UCB writer/performer Mike Scollins. We discuss band gimmicks, thin metaphors and angry letters addressed to the Lyte Funky Ones. Alden tries to disparage his own song and fails, Winston tries to defend his and fails, and Mike discusses music he and his mother can both agree on. Enjoy!

Alden’s pick: Guster – Barrel of a Gun
Winston’s pick: Aerosmith – Pink
Mike’s pick: Hootie & the Blowfish – Let Her Cry

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