Hear Me Out, Episode 20 – 20TH WEEKIVERSARY HANSON SPECIALSODE (feat. Nate Dern, Miranda Erokan and Emily Kunkel)


hansonWe’re changing things up a bit for this episode and focusing on one band: HANSON. Alden is fresh from a two day Hanson concert and has brought fellow attendees Nate Dern (UCB theater), Miranda Erokan, and Emily Kunkel to rehash the event and share some squeaky clean tunes.

Alden’s Pick-Kiss Me When You Come Home-Hanson
Emily’s Pick-A Minute Without You-Hanson Again
Miranda’s Pick-Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’-Yep, Hanson


Hear Me Out, Episode 19- Alone Time (feat. Michael Kayne)

Podcast licky boom boom down!

We’re back with the amazing Michael Kayne (UCB’s What I Did For Love) and we’re talking about self-love, Charlotte hornet starter jackets and confusing Do Not Disturb and Dungeons and Dragons. It’s pretty cool, but not as cool as Jaheem Jones.

Winston’s pick: The Divinyls – I Touch Myself
Alden’s pick: Semisonic – DnD
Michael’s pick: Snow – Informer


Hear Me Out, Episode 18-Meet The Rippingtons (feat. Megan Neuringer)

This one goes out to all the ladies.

Light a candle, pour a decanter of Train Wine, and sit back and enjoy as Megan Neuringer (Best Week Ever) joins us. We get goosebumps listening to Bryan Adams and Sting, then get the heebie jeebies from Alden’s pick, then get goosebumps again thanks to Ms. Demi Lovato. It’s a sensual romp where we introduce you to…The Rippingtons.

Winston’s pick: Bryan Adams, Sting and Rod Stewart – All For Love
Alden’s pick: The Rippingtons – Morocco
Megan’s pick: Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

Hear Me Out, Episode 17 – Dream a Glitter Dream (feat. Brian Faas)

Welcome and step into our Dreamworld, listeners!

3726_normalTrip the light fantastic with us as we explore dreamscapes with actual music professional Brian Faas (UCB’s The Law Firm, The Fuse Network).  We encounter water-skiing cowboys, half-hobbit, half-Truman Capote androids, and an “exhausted” Mariah Carey in a bandana bikini.  It’s a terrifying journey into madness and GLITTER.

Winston’s pick: Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee
Alden’s pick: Daft Punk – Touch
Brian’s pick: Mariah Carey– Loverboy