Hear Me Out, Episode 28 – Baby, You a Thong (feat. Brian Glidewell)

In perhaps our most aggressively dumb episode yet, we discuss songs in love with underwear, cars, songs, dumps, trucks, you know, a lot of things!

8657_normalThis week we’re joined by Chart Throb columnist and UCB comedian Brian Glidewell to discuss whether or not our musical pleasures should be considered guilty, even when they are vapid, inscrutable, silly, twangy or evoke the image of a silver-haired one-hit-wonder being shot out of a cannon into a giant butt. Plus, Journey and a pop-country song we can mostly agree on! Any way you want this episode, that’s the way you need it. Whatever the hell that means.

Winston’s pick: Sisqo – Thong Song
Alden’s pick: Journey – Any Way You Want It
Brian’s pick: Florida-Georgia Line – Cruise

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