Hear Me Out, S3E02 – Elizabethan Goths (ft. Molly Lloyd)

download (1)We’ve got Molly Lloyd (UCB’s Airwolf and Stone Cold Fox) with us and we get historical, adolescent, and then downright weird. Gather round, young rams!

Alden’s Pick: Black Betty- RamJam
Winston’s Pick: Somewhere Out There- Our Lady Peace
Molly’s Pick: Stay-Shakespeare’s Sister



Hear Me Out, S3E01 – Shame On You Presents “I Take Everything So Seriously” (ft. Aaron Burdette)

person_13999It’s season three! Or season two and a half! We’re kind of like Mad Men that way. We’ve got the great Aaron Burdette (UCB’s Stone Cold Fox) to talk to us about trumpets, reincarnation, and the most repetitive song ever. DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK CAUSE WE NEVER LEFT.

Winston’s Pick: Galieo – The Indigo Girls
Alden’s Pick: Lovely Day – Bill Withers
Aaron ‘s Pick: Girl’s Not Grey – AFI