Hear Me Out, Episode Z02: Rose Garden of Trust (ft. Moujan Zolfaghari)

We’re back with a brand new, extra thirsty episode of Hear Me Out. 

This episode, we chat about dad bands, theater kids and shoestring water budgets with the amazing Moujan Zolfaghari, from Mission to Zyxx, The Not Too Late Show With Elmo and At Home With Amy Sedaris.

Enjoy! Then maybe consider taking a shower!

Alden’s Pick: Exile – Kiss You All Over
Winston’s Pick: Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
Moujan’s Pick: Live – The Dolphin’s Cry

Hear Me Out, Episode Z01 – Big Dylan Energy (ft. Shane O’Connell)

We’re back (!)(?)(!)(??) with a very special series of bonus episodes of everyone’s favorite 21st-ranked podcast bearing the name Hear Me Out. 

Well, Outies, a few things have changed since our last episode. But one thing has remained the same – we got three crap songs for you, and we love ’em. We sit down (remotely) to talk catch-all nostalgia, problematic apologies and porky curtains with the incredible Shane O’Connell, the sound designer for our other podcast, Mission to Zyxx.

Quarantine be damned, let’s dive back in!

Winston’s Pick: Ed Sheeran – Castle on the Hill
Alden’s Pick: Take That – Back for Good
Shane’s Pick: Traveling Wilburys – Dirty World

Hear Me Out, S3E07 – Summer FEVER (ft. Drew Shoals)

drewshoalsWe’ve got our first music professional on the show today! Our friend Drew Shoals, who is the new drummer for TRAIN. YES. YOU. READ. THAT. RIGHT. He provides some actual depth to the show!

Winston’s pick: Jon Secada- Just Another Day
Alden’s pick: Sister Hazel- Change You Mind
Drew’s pick: Avril Lavigne- Complicated


10414393_10152157534751581_8600966186898366841_nLIVE EP! We hit the Summerland tour and see who everyone in the music industry refers to as the Big Four: Spacehog, Eve 6, Soul Asylum, and Everclear. It was actually great and fun! Except for Everclear. Note from Tim: Listen to The Chinese Album.

Hear Me Out, S3E05 – MY FAVORITE SONG (ft. Nicole Drespel)

person_10755Nicole Drespel (UCB, Broad City, 30 Rock) sits down with us to talk vanilla. Delicious, creamy, boring vanilla. But don’t be fooled, there are some firsts on the show today: Winston actually feels worse about his song by the end, and someone brought in THEIR FAVORITE SONG. Enjoy!


Winston’s pick: Coldplay-Speed of Sound
Alden’s pick: Fastball-Out of My Head
Nicole’s pick: Donna Lewis-I Love You Always Forever



Hear Me Out S3E04 – The Literal Rise of Billy Joel (ft. Anthony King)

person_1560In the spirit of Billy Joel lyrics, we will be literal in this blurb. Alden and I sit down at a table with Anthony King (Broad City, Playing House) and the three of us talk about bad songs that we like. And it was recorded. Enjoy!


Alden’s pick: The Smashing Pumpkins-Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Winston’s pick: Pat Benetar- We Belong

Anthony’s pick: Billy Joel-All For Leyna


Hear Me Out Episode S3E03 – In Which Winston Gets Very, VERY Angry at a Hippie (feat. Langan Kingsley)

Get ready for some well-deserved righteous fury!

person_14676This week, we sit down with the delightful Langan Kingsley (UCB’s Beige, What I Did For Love, and Langan Dice Kingsley: The Dicewoman Cometh) to chat about 3 artists you might want to punch in the face regardless of your political affiliation. We discuss the disturbing difference between Claudio Sanchez’ biker appearance and his tiny mosquito voice, nihilistic Canadian hippies, and selling a drug-addled philanderer to millions of screaming 14-year-old girls. Because in the end, aren’t we all just signs? But instead of words written on us it’s faces and clothes. Think about it, myan!

Oh, and Winston gets SUPER angry.

Winston’s pick: Coheed & Cambria – A Favor House Atlantic
Alden’s pick: Five Man Electrical Band – Signs
Langan’s pick: Backstreet Boys – The Call

Download it!

Hear Me Out, S3E02 – Elizabethan Goths (ft. Molly Lloyd)

download (1)We’ve got Molly Lloyd (UCB’s Airwolf and Stone Cold Fox) with us and we get historical, adolescent, and then downright weird. Gather round, young rams!

Alden’s Pick: Black Betty- RamJam
Winston’s Pick: Somewhere Out There- Our Lady Peace
Molly’s Pick: Stay-Shakespeare’s Sister


Hear Me Out, S3E01 – Shame On You Presents “I Take Everything So Seriously” (ft. Aaron Burdette)

person_13999It’s season three! Or season two and a half! We’re kind of like Mad Men that way. We’ve got the great Aaron Burdette (UCB’s Stone Cold Fox) to talk to us about trumpets, reincarnation, and the most repetitive song ever. DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK CAUSE WE NEVER LEFT.

Winston’s Pick: Galieo – The Indigo Girls
Alden’s Pick: Lovely Day – Bill Withers
Aaron ‘s Pick: Girl’s Not Grey – AFI

Hear Me Out, S2E11 – Celine Dion, You Turn Me On (ft. Kevin Debacker & Eric Brown)

1794824_10202751761267775_1005844052_nWe’ve got Kevin DeBacker and Eric Brown (Besties) on the show and we’ve actually got some decent songs on the show this week! But don’t worry, we’ve also got terrible ones. And there are great segues (2014 resolution!) connecting them all.

Winston’s Pick: Over My Head (Cable Car) – The Fray
Alden’s Pick: Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne
Kevin’s Pick: Power of Love – Celine Dion
Eric’s Pick: Like A Prayer – Madonna