Hear Me Out, Episode 13- CAN YOU FILM IT? (feat. John Flynn)

The episode is almost here! Can you feel it? Here it comes…can you feel it? CAN YOU FEEL IT?

1123_normalGuys, this is the weirdest and most DRAMATIC show we’ve had. Rules are broken, triumphs happen, and a woman holds onto a tree while the wind is blowing. DRAMATIC. We have the wonderful John Flynn (Oh Hey Guys, storyteller extraordinaire) with us to help navigate all the dance, soprano trills and golden track jackets. CAN YOU FEEL IT?

We’ve included the videos to each song this week, we highly encourage you to check them out.
Winston’s pick: Billy Joel – Allentown
Crazy Video 1
Alden’s pick: The Jacksons – Can You Feel It
Crazy Video 2
John’s pick: Sarah Brightman and Chris Thompson – How Can Heaven Love Me
Crazy Video 3