Hear Me Out, Episode 12 – Blowfish, Singular (feat. Mike Scollins)

This week’s episode is like red, but not quite.

84f9e3a53db5aca724d91135e14bc06aLively debate abounds as we talk with the creator of Phil Phriday himself, UCB writer/performer Mike Scollins. We discuss band gimmicks, thin metaphors and angry letters addressed to the Lyte Funky Ones. Alden tries to disparage his own song and fails, Winston tries to defend his and fails, and Mike discusses music he and his mother can both agree on. Enjoy!

Alden’s pick: Guster – Barrel of a Gun
Winston’s pick: Aerosmith – Pink
Mike’s pick: Hootie & the Blowfish – Let Her Cry

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