Hear Me Out, Episode 22- Intergalatic Splash (feat. Josh Patten)

Our very first guest, Josh Patten (SNL), returns to the show!

54ceb84d0ed21048dc50bf216c3229f0Welcome to our new wine focused podcast, Cellar Temperature! Just kidding we’re still just talking about bad songs.  We have one song that made even the person it was written for fall asleep, a song written by a marketing department and backed by Sly Snootles and the Max Rebo band, and a song that could be a forwarded email from your parents.

Alden’s song-Oh Sherrie-Steve Perry
Winston’s song- Men In Black-Will Smith
Josh’s song-The Greatest-Kenny Rodgers

Hear Me Out, Episode 22 – Intergalactic Splash (ft. Josh Patten)

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