Hear Me Out, Episode 3 – ADDICTION (feat. Dru Johnston)

Episode Three is up, and it’s got all that sunshine that was stolen from you in 1999.

dru johnstonThis week we have the hilarious writer (The Chris Gethard Show) and UCB Performer Dru Johnston, who gives us a taste of his trademark love for 80s and 90s jams, his morning Phil Collins routine and his high school filmmaker aspirations in an episode that’s all happy, no thinky.

Alden’s Pick: Autograph – Turn Up the Radio
Winston’s Pick: Phil Collins – Something Happened on the way to Heaven
Dru’s Pick: Len – Steal My Sunshine

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Hear Me Out, Episode 2 – Knee Deep in the Hoopla (feat. D’Arcy Carden)

Episode Two has arrived! Drink it in!

darcy cardenThis episode we’re joined by the amazing D’Arcy Carden (UCB Theater), a music connoisseur with a soft spot for the crummy. You want sell outs? We got ’em. And Lance Bass to boot.

Winston’s Pick: Starship – We Built This City
Alden’s Pick: Reel Big Fish – Sell Out
D’Arcy’s Pick: ‘N Sync – Girlfriend (Neptunes Remix feat. Nelly)

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Hear Me Out, Episode 1 – What’s Wrong With Me (feat. Josh Patten)

Our inaugural episode drops today! Let it caress your cochlea!

josh pattenThis episode we explore our dreams, lost loves and tantric sex with the incredible Josh Patten — UCB performer, writer for Saturday Night Live, and unapologetic sucker for Cheb Mami’s ululations.

Alden’s Pick: Heart – These Dreams
Winston’s Pick: Alanis Morissette – Unsent
Josh’s Pick: Sting – Desert Rose

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This is Hear Me Out.


Welcome, everyone! This is Hear Me Out, the podcast where Winston Noel and Alden Ford, along with a special guest each episode, explore the songs we love, no matter what literally everyone else says.

We are not music officials. We are not music critics or music snobs. We are unqualified on every level to provide any cogent analysis of why a song is good or bad. All we know is, there are songs we just can’t stop loving, even though the world passed its harsh judgment on them long ago. So every episode we sit down with one choice for each of us, along with our guest, and discuss the sublime highs and humiliating lows of these gentle pariahs of pop music. Join us, won’t you? And we know what you might be thinking about some of our choices. But just hear us out. We might win you over.

Or not. Some of these songs are genuinely terrible.

New episodes every Wednesday! Enjoy, share, and let us know what you think!